Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dinner is Served

After the departure of our roommate Chris Battaglia on June the 1st, we decided that instead of finding a new person to rent the room, we would create a dining room. We set a long solid wood harvest table down the centre of the room with matching benches. The decor in the room is a simple presentation of the items that are created at the farm. The charcuterie fridge with its glass door displays beautiful sausages and cured meats, jars of preserves lined the window sill, and an antique painting ladder was used to present planters of herbs.

This past tuesday the inaugural dinner was served in Chris' Room. Using produce from the garden, homemade cheese, house-smoked and cured meats, and of course the ladies eggs we constructed a five course menu for eight very lucky diners.

The Ladies Deviled Egg with House-Smoked White Fish and Garden Chive.

First Harvest Salad with Fresh Lemon Ricotta, Crisp House-Cured Boar, Various Radishes and Basil Vinaigrette.

Fricasee of Backyard Shiitake Mushrooms with Wild Foraged Morels, House made Gorgonzola, Garden Arugula and Flowering Thyme.

Pan-Roast Rainbow Trout with Fingerling Potato, Wilted Mizuna and Sorrel Beurre Blanc.

Celebration of Toronto Cherries: Angel Food Cake with Candied Cherry Ice Cream, Fresh Cherries and Almond Praline.

We want to thank everybody who has dined with us up to date, and encourage anybody interested in having a dinner party in the future to inquire.

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